I primarily write and perform comedy. I currently make the scripted comedy podcast The Restory of History’s Mysteries with my longtime pal and collaborator, Aaron Fletchersmith. We also make a fan podcast, The Dan and Aaron Like-O-Rama, where we talk about a show / band / writer / cultural phenomenon that we love.

For almost three years, I wrote, performed, and produced the Bunkum podcast, a biweekly scripted comedy along the lines of the Goon Show, the Jack Benny Program, and records from the Firesign Theater and Monty Python, except obviously not genius. It’s all available right there at the top of this page where it says “Bunkum”.

A Fool’s Errand, my first feature screenplay, can be found for free here. I’ve got three more planned out that are less wacky and will plop them on here as I finish them.

Before these monuments to human potential, I co-hosted The Big Waste of Time on WUVT-FM in Blacksburg, Va., where I and Deral Fenderson (with a few friends) created “Radical Recorded ‘Rasslin'”, an epic, though short-lived, social satire comedy in the form of a wrestling program on the radio. Again, not genius.

I was also half of the comedy band DooDooRonomy with the brilliantly aforementioned Aaron Fletchersmith. Our albums “Fools Gave Them Microphones” and “The DooDooRonomy Experience in ‘Are You DooDoo?'” are beloved by tens, nay, dozens of idiots.

Lately, I’ve been in the ebook game. I wrote my first humor collection, “Senator Bigfoot n Pals”, in 2014 and finished my second and far superior collection, “Pity the Slug!”, in 2015. I also wrote a short diatribe on the self-help and workplace improvement industries called “Ending the Silver Bullet Cycle”. They’re on this site and available for free everywhere but Kindle, where it’s a dollar because apparently you can’t change the price to make it free, which is weird.

Finally, I’m slowly writing a book of silly poems called “100 Silly Poems” and a novel called “Fred Dracula”. I work on them in my free time from work and anticipate finishing them in the summer of 2037.