Current Standings

US down three to 7th, China up one to 6th, EU steady at 5th despite Brexit fears, Japan back at 10th after optimistic reports, and India continues to rise, currently at 12th. More updates as details emerge.945BF7F1-36D7-4690-80EA-29A286ABA056

Bunkum 53!

The new episode of Bunkum is up! The first “arc”, let’s call it, of Bunkum was episodes 1-50 and was inspired by old-timey radio and was mostly me playing a bunch of crazy idiots fighting with each other. Very “Goon Show”. In episode 50, I went back in time and prevented the whole podcast from happening because I was getting frustrated with the format. So after a few weeks off Bunkum came back with episode 51 in a new “regular podcast” format. It’s me doing one-to-three extended silly monologues with a fake commercial thrown in there.

Anyway, the newest one consists of “Swimming Across America” and is sponsored by the NRA and it lives here! Enjoy!