From December 2015 to November 2018, I did a weekly, then bimonthly, then weekly again podcast called Bunkum. It was scripted comedy in the vein of old radio shows like The Goon Show and Jack Benny written, performed, and produced by me. And you can tell, haha.

I made 80 episodes, usually about 15 minutes long. After the 50th episode, I changed the format to go from “It’s the [sponsor] Program, Starring Dan Grubb!” like they did in the 30s-50s to the modern podcast format where the host gives an earnest and heartfelt endorsement of the sponsor’s product. Oh, and all the sponsors are made up and usually terrible ideas for products.

The main character is usually named Ourman. The 10-part Redressers series found on this site were episodes 57-66. Senator Bigfoot makes a couple of appearances. Dracula shows up much more than you’d expect and nobody likes him.

I stopped doing it because it was getting repetitive, which is something I have little patience for. What others would call a steady rhythm feels like a rut to me. I get frustrated doing the same thing over and over, which is why I quit doing stand-up and why my bands are always short-lived. Also, this is the third website full of my “funny” “comedy” “coherent thoughts”.

I’m working on another podcast now, which I doubt I’ll get sick of. It’s scripted comedy with an old friend of mine, The Restory of History’s Mysteries. A pompous idiot, Niles Higginsbottom Barrier III, got a time machine at an estate sale and uses it to go back in time and talk to interesting people. Except it’s us, so everything is a hilarious disaster. So that’s my next Big Thing.

Long story short (too late) (that’s a joke from “Clue”), here is the entire run of Bunkum. Enjoy!

Bunkum 1: Jeffrey Dracula

Bunkum 2: Pirates, But Not the Digital Kind

Bunkum 3: Dink Inkerblink, Star Reporter

Bunkum 4: The Most Dangerous Grame

Bunkum 5: Steel Flying Squirrel

Bunkum 6: American Revolution 2 – American Revolutioner

Bunkum 7: The Devil and Mr. Ourman

Bunkum 8: Cram! on WBNKM

Bunkum 9: Werewolves of Bunkum

Bunkum 10: Wilt Ourman, the World’s Tallest Man

Bunkum 11: The Shins of the Father

Bunkum 12: Behind the Bunkum

Bunkum 13: A Rocky Romance

Bunkum 14: Breaking Election News

Bunkum 15: Fancy Gambling

Bunkum 16: Do the Rustle

Bunkum 17: Murder Mystery

Bunkum 18: Our Manlet

Bunkum 19: Spourmantacus

Bunkum 20: The 517th Annual Fnerdlebin Awards

Bunkum 21: The Terror of Devil’s Keep

Bunkum 22: The Third Ourman

Bunkum 23: Post-Nuclear War Apocalypse

Bunkum 24: The Wizard of Ourman

Bunkum 25: The Greater Outdoors Metro Area

Bunkum 26: Dr. Ourman and Mr. To Be Determined

Bunkum 27: Citizen Dracula

Bunkum 28: The First Dumpster to Mars!

Bunkum 29: The Case of the Melting Haircuts

Bunkum 30: The Bored Emperor

Bunkum 31: The Attack of the 200-Foot Blobfish!

Bunkum 32: Sy Spelder, Inventor of the Podcast

Bunkum 33: The Idiosyncratic Olympics

Bunkum 34: The Poultrenic Empire

Bunkum 35: Sir Ourman and the 404 Error

Bunkum 36: Steel Flying Squirrel Returns and Rises Forever

Bunkum 37: Madam, Compose Yourself!

Bunkum 38: The Monster at the End of This Podcast

Bunkum 39: A Tale of One and a Half Cities

Bunkum 40: The Time Machine

Bunkum 41: Secret Cosmic Crisis Wars Across Multiple Universes!

Bunkum 42: Bloodcurdling Terror

Bunkum 43: Podstage Situation

Bunkum 44: Weird World Whodunnit

Bunkum 45: The Case of the Disappearing Atlantic

Bunkum 46: Dracula

Bunkum 47: Mole Day

Bunkum 48: Trouble in Atlantis

Bunkum 49: Treasure Ourman

Bunkum 50: The 50th Episode Extravaganza!

Bunkum 51: G-g-g-ghosts!

Bunkum 52: Hard Boiled

Bunkum 53: Swimming Across America

Bunkum 54: The Apocalypse Show

Bunkum 55: Joseph DeMarco, Inventor of GarbageSelf

Bunkum 56: Heroes and Villains

Bunkum 57: The Redressers, Part 1

Bunkum 58: The Redressers, Part 2

Bunkum 59: The Redressers, Part 3

Bunkum 60: The Redressers, Part 4

Bunkum 61: The Redressers, Part 5

Bunkum 62: The Redressers, Part 6

Bunkum 63: The Redressers, Part 7

Bunkum 64: The Redressers, Part 8

Bunkum 65: The Redressers, Part 9

Bunkum 66: The Redressers, Part 10

Bunkum 67: Lady Mabel’s Peahen

Bunkum 68: The History of the Ancient World According to God, Science, and Dan Grubb

Bunkum 69: Nice

Bunkum 70: Bunklevania

Bunkum 71: Hercules

Bunkum 72: Fortune and Leisure

Bunkum 73: Dangeons and Dragrubbs

Bunkum 74: The Mystery of the Mysterious Twin Mystery

Bunkum 75: The Anti-Advertising Program

Bunkum 76: The Genie

Bunkum 77: Tinker Tailor Ourman Spy

Bunkum 78: This Old Dump

Bunkum 79: The Lost Colony

Bunkum 80: Beowulf