Yes, I do find meaning in late night talk shows. Why?

I’ve been away for a while. I’ve just finished my Great Craig Ferguson YouTube Binge, which immediately followed my Great David Letterman YouTube Binge, both of which ran alongside my Great Conan O’Brien YouTube Binge. It’s been a few years. Thousands of hours, thousands of episodes, dozens of jokes. (Ba-dum bum!) There have been many … Continue reading Yes, I do find meaning in late night talk shows. Why?

Bunkum 80: Beowulf

It's the last Bunkum! You made it to the end! Congratulations! An epic quest! A monster to be slayed! A kingdom to save! A display of cowardice! Bunkum goes out with a bang AND a whimper! Bye, everybody! Be sure to listen to my current and better scripted comedy podcast, The Restory of History's Mysteries!

Bunkum 79: The Lost Colony

A voyage of discovery! The founding of a new colony! Imperial expansion without the hindsight of 21st century multiculturalism! Hooray! A feast to welcome the new neighbors! Long distance relationships! An awkward situation comes to a head! Bunkum is the wacky neighbor of podcasts!