Bunkum 36: Steel Flying Squirrel Returns and Rises Forever

Definitely not an infringement of copyright!

Billionaire playboy with cool crime-fighting gadgets!

Uh oh, another superhero!

I hope they get along and don’t fight arbitrarily!

Tragic origin stories of villains!

Everybody loves those!

That’s why Episode I was a huge success!

Bunkum: It’s like a comic con for agoraphobes!


Bunkum 5: Steel Flying Squirrel

A monomaniacal billionaire industrialist!

A crime-fighting vigilante with cool gadgets!

Reckless child endangerment!

No, that doesn’t sound familiar at all. Why do you ask?

It’s the podcast we deserve right now, but not the one we need right now. So we’ll listen to it. Because it can take it, because it’s not a podcast. It’s an abandoned project. An always-available comedy. A Bunkum Podcast!