Bunkum 70: Bunklevania

A family curse! It's brain versus body! Can Our Man find out what's causing the explosion of were-beasts? Of course! It's so simple! A battle for the future of were-Americans! (Awereicans?) Bunkum's dictionary is crammed with sticky notes with new words!

Bunkum 69: Nice

The Grand Canyon is missing! What could have happened!?!? Let's investigate together! Yay, friendship palling around times! A small town cop works the case of his life! And what he uncovers will blow you away! Bunkum mostly read movie posters as a kid!

Bunkum 61: The Redressers, Part 5

Look out! It's Robbing Jack Do-Harm! His name is a little on-the-nose! I tried to give him notes, but he doesn't accept constructive criticism very well! Probably has something to do with his anti-social tendencies! Justice is served! I bet! Bunkum is in kind of a gray area, morality-wise!