Bunkum 71: Hercules

MacArthur Genius Grant-winning poetry! Hercules performs amazing feats! His neighbors are not so pleased! Someone call Terry Gilliam! The lines between reality and madness are getting blurry up in here! Bunkum has convinced itself it has Munchausen syndrome!

Bunkum 70: Bunklevania

A family curse! It's brain versus body! Can Our Man find out what's causing the explosion of were-beasts? Of course! It's so simple! A battle for the future of were-Americans! (Awereicans?) Bunkum's dictionary is crammed with sticky notes with new words!

Bunkum 69: Nice

The Grand Canyon is missing! What could have happened!?!? Let's investigate together! Yay, friendship palling around times! A small town cop works the case of his life! And what he uncovers will blow you away! Bunkum mostly read movie posters as a kid!