Newish podcast: The Dan & Aaron Like-O-Rama

I sure do neglect this website for months on end! Hi! My pal Aaron and I (he does “The Restory of History’s Mysteries” with me) have started a podcast where we just gush about something we love for an hour or two. (We’ve started to break the long ones into two parts.) It’s called “The Dan & Aaron Like-O-Rama” and it comes out every other Monday.

We’re really happy with it. It’s a nice break from the doomscrolling and news refreshing that is 2020 and so far of 2021. And, as we say in the first episode, our goal is for the show to be joyous and welcoming, not to be snarky, pedantic, or the sort of toxic fans that ruin Star Wars or that kept me from admitting in the early 90s that I liked Nirvana.

Here are what we’ve put out so far. You can also search for “likeorama” in your podcatcher if you wanna listen there and/or subscribe.

The Young Ones

Numbers Stations

The Goon Show

The Turbo Encabulator

The Hives

Space Ghost

Mr. T’s Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool

Kelly Sue DeConnick

Giant Robots

Buster Keaton

Ground Effect Vehicles

Satellite Communications

Gen. Alexandre Dumas

Ernie Kovacs

Booker T & the MGs, pt 1

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