Read “A Fool’s Errand” for free right now!

As much as I love my biweekly podcast, “Bunkum“, my screenplay, “A Fool’s Errand“, is my pride and joy. It’s the story of an aimless man who strikes out on a new and purposeful life. Except unlike comedy protagonists, he doesn’t undergo a sudden and random transformation into a kind, mature, capable adult because people don’t do that in real life.

It’s a silly, episodic adventure that I wrote because it’s the kind of ridiculous movie that I’d love to see: fun, occasionally impossible, and without the default sad panda second act where we’re supposed to feel bad about the guy getting dumped just for being a complete bastard all the time.

You can download the PDF here. If you like it, let me know on Twitter @SenatorBigfoot or offer me a bunch of money for the production rights. Enjoy!

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